We are so grateful to the people who contributed invaluable information, documents and photos for this labor of love project to memorialize the old house and all the people who lived here.

Forrest F. Anderson Jr.  Contributed a  wealth of information about his Anderson and Harris ancestors who lived in this house. He contributed historic photographs, documents, and so many stories. The above photo is his father, Forrest Anderson.

Kenneth Calvin Thompson, Jr., Sumner County Historical Society President  His knowledge of the architecture of the home, the original architect and original use of the rooms painted a picture of the life lived in this home in 1850.

Glenn Jones His memories of living next door to this house as a boy on the Jones’ farm directly to the east, and his memories of WWII and the troops that trained on this land when General Patton was in Gallatin. He told us what life in the neighborhood was like at that time, the old road, Long Hollow Pike with the old bridge and how neighborly everyone was.

Charles Nettles  His memories of visiting and staying in this house regularly as a boy when his grandmother, “Mammy Lewis” lived here. He contributed a wealth of stories and memories of the outbuildings, the old barn that burned down, and the use of each room in the home when his grandmother was alive. The Lewis family owned the house 74 years.

John Glover contributed historic photographs and information about the original pear tree and locations of the old outbuildings. He connected me with his Lewis family relatives that had memories of living in the old house.

Ned Douglass His memories of the old house and limestone spring house with the artesian well at the creek below Maple Cottage. He called the old house “The Party House” where the parties used to happen.

Barb Adkins Daily Contributed historic photographs and a wealth of historic documents and research.